Simple Tips

Your Home:

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  • Use canvas/reusable bags – they are cooler than plastic ones anyways – limit excessive bagging
  • Buy organic – better for you and the environment
  • Recycle – you would be surprise everything you could recycle
  • Use reusable cutlery and glassware – looks better and no need to add more junk to landfills!
  • Get a free energy audit with up to $150 worth of supplies from the city 800.447.7611(SM only)
  • Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth, shaving or washing dishes.
  • When waiting for water to heat in the shower, collect it for your plants or cooking!
  • Don’t leave lights on in unoccupied rooms
  • Instead of turning up the heat, wear more clothes – save 1,000 lbs. of CO2 & $250 p/yr
  • Even when electronics are turned off, as long as they are plugged in they use energy – save over 1,000 lbs of CO2 & $256 p/yr
  • Caulk and weather strip your doors & windows – save 1,700 lbs of CO2 & $274 p/yr
  • Replace 3 bulbs w/CFL’s – save 300 lbs. of CO2 & $60 p/year – they contain mercury and must be disposed of properly
  • Keep your water heater insulated w/a blanket for only $20 & save 1,000 lbs. of CO2 & $40 p/yr

Your Car:

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  • Keep tires adequately inflated – Check them monthly. Save 250 lbs. of CO2 & $840 p/yr
  • Carpool or use public transportation!


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  • Energy Star building rental rates command a $2.40 per square foot premium
  • Energy Star buildings have a 3.6% higher occupancy rate over non-Energy Star buildings
  • LEED building rental rate is $11.33 per square foot higher than non-LEED buildings
  • LEED buildings have a 4.1% higher occupancy over non-LEED peers
  • Energy Star buildings sell for an average of $61 per square foot more than their peers while LEED buildings command a remarkable $171 per square foot more
  • Energy Star buildings use an average of 40 percent less energy than average buildings and emit 35 percent less carbon

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Contributed by Nancy of Astrid Design Studio

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