Sierra Leone – a country of natural wonders

Two years agao I participated MBOKA in The Gambia were I met several people from Sierra Leone. I got an insight of Sierra Leone, the nature and its warm and friendly people. I have never been in Sierra Leone, but it is now one of the places I would really like to visit.

I got to know Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a home to rehabilitate confiscated, orphaned and abandoned chimps. They do a fantastic work for the animals. It is illegal in Sierra Leone to hunt, capture, kill or keep chimpanzees. The sanctuary now takes care of over 90 chimps. Much work is also undertaken towards stopping the illegal trade of this endangered species, and supporting the protection and conservation of chimpanzees in the wild through education, communication and legal enforcement.

You can now get a glimpse of the great work they do for the chimpanzee on YouTube. Also visit their website to learn more about their fantastic work and how they contribute in the community.

Linda Veråsdal, Founder Ethical Travel Portal,

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