Sexy & Organic Filip Vodka Sponsors The Green Girls Anniversary Bash!

Organic is the new sexy & Filip Vodka brings it!

The Green Girls are excited to announce Filip Vodka as our organic Vodka sponsor for TheGreenGirls Anniversary Bash! With a chic, new blend of sophistication and Eco-consciousness, Filip Vodka is the perfect fit for our guests at the big, green soiree!

Innovator and Entrepreneur Andre Filip Unveils High-End Organic Vodka—One of the Cleanest and Purest on the Market 

   IRVINE, Calif. (April 7, 2009) –Andre Filip, a business visionary with a keen eye for emerging trends, today announced the arrival of   Filip Vodka – a 100 percent pure, certified organic vodka that meets the demand of eco-savvy, discerning vodka connoisseurs by providing excellence in both taste and quality.

“Filip Vodka provides the increasing number of environmentally conscious American consumers with a drink that corresponds with the green lifestyle,” said Filip, who is also CEO of ELA Advertising, ContraBrand clothing and Filip Entertainment. “People are driving green, building green and eating green. Now they can ‘drink green’ as well.”

Made from rare organic winter wheat imported from the Piedmont region of Italy,  Filip Vodka features a specialized filtration process that distinguishes the product from other popular brands on the market. The vodka is five-times distilled and three-times filtered through organic carbons—eliminating the harmful and flavor-altering solvents that cause headaches and hangovers. In addition, only 40 percent of actual product yielded from filtration is bottled, further enhancing the vodka’s flavor and refinement. In fact, chemical analysis has verified Filip Vodka as one of the cleanest products available to vodka connoisseurs.

“We have perfected a formula that manages to be eco-friendly and top-quality while offering an exceptionally smooth taste,” Said molecular mixology expert, and Filip Vodka distiller, Kyle Castanon. “We are proud to deliver a product that addresses the demands of consumers for a green vodka ,while also considering the sustainability of our environment.”

Filip Vodka puts a unique spin on an ancient Russian tradition with an innovative product that packs the following benefits:

  • At only 90 calories per ounce, the product is 30 to 40 percent calories less than most vodkas.
  • The vodka has no additives, preservatives or pesticides.
  • With a pure, clean taste, the product is ideal for drink mixing.

Filip Vodka will soon be available at select high-end restaurants, clubs and retail locations.  


           Filip Vodka presents sophisticated eco-conscious consumers with one of the cleanest, purest vodkas on the market. Made from rare organic winter wheat imported from the Piedmont region of Italy, the product is made using advanced filtration processes that eliminate flavor-tainting and potentially toxic byproducts such as acetone (commonly used in nail polish removers). Chemical analysis has verified Filip Vodka, a 100 percent certified organic product, as one of the cleanest products available to vodka connoisseurs. With Filip Vodka, the product’s CEO and Founder Andre Filip has achieved a truly distinctive formula that stands out from other popular brands in both taste and purity.   

Filip Vodka’s Elite Manufacturing Process

  • While many mainstream vodka brands are manufactured overseas—at least in part—Filip Vodka is made entirely in the United States, allowing for greater control over production.
  • Other organic vodkas are made from lower-grade potato and corn bases that absorb high levels of toxins from the soil, detracting from taste and qualityrather than a pure, organic wheat base, like Filip Vodka.
  • Unlike many products on the market, Filip Vodka is five-times distilled and three-times filtered through organic carbons.
  • After filtration, Filip Vodka bottles only 40 percent of the actual product yield—ensuring the quality and refinement of vodka delivered to consumers.

Why Organic? The Benefits of Filip Vodka 

  • American consumers have been eating green for years—now they can “drink green” as well.
  • The product is 30 to 40 calories less than most vodka.
  • With its pure wheat base, Filip Vodka’s clean, bright taste is ideal for drink mixing.
  • The product’s complex filtration process makes for vodka that is less likely to cause headaches and hangovers. 
  • Filip Vodka is a truly eco-friendly product with no additives, pesticides or preservatives.

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