Sex It Up Eco-Friendly Style!

You've heard of green cars, green travel and green living; now it’s time to ready yourself for “green” sex! As we enter an era of “even safer sex”, there are more and more eco-friendly tips for your sexy green frolicking sessions.

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Hey, I'm not here to judge. I am aware that some of you could care less about so-called “green” sex products and you may even think that those of us that do care, are a bunch of tree huggin', sprout-eatin’ hippies. I’m cool with that! Enjoy your gas guzzling cars, aerosol spray cans while leaving all the lights on when you’re not home.   [more]

Here are a few ways to get it on without messing with the planet!

In the mood to reveal your artistic side? sells a delicious vegan chocolate body paint. Yum!

Maybe you prefer to get a little slippery with organic massage oil from Earth Botanicals. This is one of the best massage oils available, made with 100% certified organic ingredients.


Body Candy “Lickable” Massage Balm isn't organic, but it is all natural. This 3-Pack sampler’s flavors are Cinnamon Hearts, Orange Creamsicle, and Chocolate Mint Truffle. Naturally sweetened with an herbal extract (no sugars) makes them safe to use around those “special” areas. Plus they’re packaged in recyclable silver tins!

Natural aphrodisiacs “spice” things up!

Since days of yesteryear, lovers have turned to natural herbs and certain foods to find extra stimulation and endurance. While we can’t vouch for these, (all supplements should be taken with caution and/or professional advise), gossip has it that herbs like ginseng, kava kava root, damiana leaves, kelp, tribulus, ginko biloba, rhodiola rosea, and of course horny goat weed, (gotta love that one), can help fuel the flames of passion. And of course we can’t forget about organic wine as trusted aphrodisiacs as well.

Tunes to turn things up!

Ever thought of getting it on to the soundtrack of the global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth? I didn’t think so. However, the soundtrack and original score by Michael Brook is actually really good, in a romantic kind of way!

Eco-friendly toys that please. has the best selection, (in my opinion) of eco-friendly sex toys. Titillating choices range from rechargeable vibrators, skin-safe ingredients, natural lubes and their very cool Babeland's Eco-Sexy Kit, which includes body-friendly Laya Spot vibrator and an assortment of premium, all-natural spa products, including Babeland Body Massage Candles, Emertia Natural Lube, and Mamba Condoms. ($59)

For a great and in-depth list on how to “green” your sex life, takes the cake. Worth a read for sure, click here:

You should be well equipped at this point to please your eco-friendly lover (and the planet) while still being the “green” bomb in the bedroom!

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