Setting up your Green Business, Part 5 of 5

The Importance of Developing a Success Mindset


I've often heard statements about developing a millionaire mindset and the importance of converting one's knowledge into off-the-shelf products and services, but one thing that really cut through the chatter was this: "You can give a $100,000 opportunity to a person with a $500 mindset and they'll turn that $100,000 opportunity into $500". 


What I take this to mean is that, there are plenty of fantastic ideas out there, many of which are worth a million or more dollars apiece.


For your own business, all you need is that one idea — just one really good idea — that you develop, target, refine, and convert into a working system or set of processes that raises your target number for you consistently, smoothly, and easily.


With your million dollar mindset, you can take any smaller idea and convert it into a six, seven, or eight figure solution.


Your task as the owner of a green business is to consistently find ways to "productize" or create a "menu" of service options for your business. Convert your talents and skills into something that can be sold outside of your one-time involvement.




  • If you're teaching a course, convert it into a worksheet, CD, or online course.
  • If you're offering your knowledge, share it in book, template, or downloadable form.
  • If you're sharing your skill as an musician, create a show, a DVD, a music video, or a series.
  • If you're an artist, create a set of cards, t-shirts, or prints.
  • If you're providing a service, sell it in increments or find a way to make it a set of products that share the same knowledge.
  • If you're currently at a particular "range" of dollar sales, consider ways to begin a "whale hunt" and find bigger projects.

I want to mention the Whale Hunting as part of Barbara Weaver Smith's great assessment of women in business. In Barbara's e-book, Whale Hunting Women, she talks about how to become big, by thinking big and by building your team.

"When your business is brand new, you do it all– you market, you sell, you make the products or deliver the services, you keep the books, and you take any kind of work that you can get in order to establish yourself and build cash flow. 

But as your business grows, you gradually try to build a team — either employees or outsource partners — to help differentiate these roles and allow you to concentrate on those particular skills that are unique to you. 

Gradually increasing the size of your deals is a promising way to grow revenues and to increase profit margins. If you grow only by adding more small customers or small deals, you won't achieve those economies."

I highly recommend the Whale Hunting Women e-book, which I've used to grow my own business.

If you're providing a product, find ways to "tweak" your system to sell your products more efficiently and in a more "green" way — with less packaging, more local distribution, or from a more environmentally friendly supplier.

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Monica S. Flores  of 10kWebdesign is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business — she believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She is available for consulting on web development, green business practices, and women in business.

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