Roadkill Accessories – Edgy or Overkill?

I had this idea that perhaps it was easier for one to wear fur coats because
there isn't a face to associate the
dead fur and skin that hangs over that
exquisite dress. That notion goes out the window with designer Reid
line. Faces with the expression of death and all come with these
extreme fashion accessories.

The Rat Coin Purse

From to the website:
Using traditional and experimental methods of taxidermy, Peppard transforms
rats, mice and pigeons found on the streets of London – the scuttling and
flapping pests of the city – into creations we can touch, wear and experience.


Here are more of Peppard's designs:

Mouse head on bow tie. Not so sexy.

Photo: George Garnier


Is that a dead mouse hanging on a chain? Yes. Yes, it is.

Photos: George Garnier

Disturbing, but I'm assuming that's the point.

Photos: Viktor Vauthier

Some would
rather go
naked than wear fur
. What do you think?
Extreme fashion or tasteless and inhumane?

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