Righteous Green Chicks You Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter has been a significant tool in spreading awareness & learning from great green minds.  Recently, we received lots of new followers @greengirls due to the recognition of some of the great green minds we follow; @sheagunther for his 10 green Twitterers you should follow & @Treehugger's Best Style Twitter Feed Awards.

As we mentioned before, it's all due to the fabulous info our gurus feed into TheGreenGirls.com. Today, we'd like to share each of these talented ladies' twitters so that you may follow them & get the 411 straight from the horse's mouth!

TheGreenGirls Twitter @imtheq
Amanda "The Q" Quraishi
TheGreenGirls Twitter @earthsaver
Monica Rodgers
TheGreenGirls Twitter @tasteofpace
Pace Webb
TheGreenGirls Twitter @greengeisha
Janine Johnson
TheGreenGirls Twitter @goodcleanlove
Wendy Strgar
TheGreenGirls Twitter @ladyvirescent
Nancy Astrid Lindo
TheGreenGirls Twitter @giannyl
Giannina Lezcano
 TheGreenGirls Twitter @crushedlime
Vanessa Crosbie
TheGreenGirls Twitter @nicolefacciuto
Nicole Facciuto 
TheGreenGirls Twitter @celebrategreen
Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson
TheGreenGirls Twitter @ecostyleguru
Beth Whitfield
TheGreenGirls Twitter @buygreen
Allison Huke
TheGreenGirls Twitter @conscioustv
Bianca Alexander, Esq.
TheGreenGirls Twitter @monicadear
Monica S. Flores

These gals share their individual expertise on TheGreenGirls.com & we share it all @greengirls! You can also get your daily dose of green girl goodness by subscribing here. We also suggest you follow @sheagunther & @Treehugger for a flood of green knowledge.

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