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This is the time of year we have allocated to ourselves on a national level to remind us to give thanks and appreciation for all we have and all there is to come. For all of you that visit this site, you should give yourself thanks for doing your part in making the world a better place through your choices to support a sustainable future and honor the world around you. Thank yourself for seeing, appreciating, and revering nature.

Photo by: Ming Chai

I have a few tips on how to build such reverence.

1) Recognize and indulge in every moment you have where you have the chance to pamper and honor yourself and your larger self, our environment. Take moments to reflect. We have what seems like less time in each day, but don't fall into the trap of thinking you have less time and so give no time for yourself. It's more important now to give time to yourself.

2) Dance! Although I feel breathing and tuning in are great, at this time of year when the days are short, I feel like we need to create more energy for ourselves at times. Get up from what you're doing every once in a while, find something you are appreciative of, and dance for it. It feels good to move. It's feels good to create a ritual of spontaneous appreciation. If we take time and care for ourselves, we also give back care to the world in that we will have more of ourselves to give.

3) Sing! Get up in the morning, be cheery. Sing in the shower. Take a break from your thoughts and let loose. Appreciate the moment, appreciate yourself, appreciate the world.

4) Join the Gratitude experiment. It starts on November 27th. For 42 days you will receive uplifting messages that help you tune into gratitude on a daily basis if you feel you are having a hard time cultivating it for yourself. You can sign up here:

5) Build a little altar or temple of appreciation and make it green. You will have a chance to express creativity and possibly learn something you didn't know about possible materials that you can later share with others. Here's a large example in Thailand employing the concept of REUSE, using glass bottles:

Just remember by honoring yourself you cultivate honor for the rest of the world.

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