REUSE Jeans: Step Into A Smaller Carbon Footprint One Leg At A Time

I know what you're thinking, recycled jeans…really? My initial thought was similar in that I questioned just how inventive re-purposing denim could be. So you add new buttons and a few stylish patches maybe. But oh, no darlin', that is SO not what R.E.U.S.E. Jeans are about! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing George Powell, CEO of R.E.U.S.E. Jeans (Recycle.Environment.U.Save.Earth), an innovative eco-fashion company that manufactures form fitting, stylish blue jeans made from 80% recycled fabrics. I was astounded to learn a bit about their ground-breaking upcycling technique.

The Reuse website addresses the question, "Why Recycled Jeans?"


"According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated more than 11.8 million tons of textile waste in 2006 alone, amounting to a remarkable 10 pounds per person. In our world of overflowing landfills and global warming, recycling is more relevant than ever. Recycled jeans help counteract the human effect of the disposable fashion industry, while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable earth.


"When searching for a new pair of jeans, most shoppers focus on fit and price, paying little attention to the carbon cost of their purchase. True fashion is fueled by innovation and creativity, so shouldn’t your jeans be? Uniting ecology with technology, we recycle fabric from the textile waste stream to manufacture eco-friendly jeans with minimal new material." Wow!


Listen to the interview to learn more about REUSE and the future of fashion.

Additionally, in celebration of Earth Day's 40th Anniversary, REUSE will be offering 50% off everything! Offer good now through April 25th, use promo code 'EARTH' at checkout.

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