Relax in Eco-style @ the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina

When looking for a quick and easy weekend trip
from Los Angeles, we always seem to gravitate to San Diego. Why not? It's a
smooth 2 hour drive, lots of fun attractions and it's beautiful! However, to
really feel like you're on a mini vacay, it's all about the hotel


Clean, Green, comfortable, gorgeous & preferably
waterfront are our prerequisites. Luckily, the

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
meet them all.


What makes the Sheraton SD Green?


  • Hybrid guest transportation options
    including our hybrid Lexus and our electric-powered GEM cars
  • Airport shuttle transportation for
    our guests
  • Over 35% reduction in conventional
    commuting transportation by staff
  • Biodiversity is promoted through
    management of our marina and exterior landscape
  • Roofing materials that reflect heat
    from the sun putting less demand on hotel air conditioning systems
  • Low VOC paints, primers, and base
    coats used throughout the building exterior



  • Water-conserving fixtures with EPA
    WaterSense label in all guestrooms and public bathrooms, including
    low-flow toilets, urinals, faucets and showerheads
  • Make A Green Choice program rewards
    guests for choosing to conserve natural resources in their guestroom
  • Guest linen & towel reuse programs.
  • Whole-building submetering.
    Including high-use water consumption areas such as on-site laundry
    and irrigation systems


That's just to list a few. Find out more



Before reservations are even made, we go through
the hotel website to view images of the rooms & beds. Crisp, white, clean sheets
is the only way to go. (Some kind of OCD. I mean, if I could travel with my
bed, I would.
) The Sheraton SD did not disappoint.



The clean, comfy beds where just what we needed to round off the day with some
games & family bonding time.


The Sheraton SD is reasonably priced, has
beautiful views & pet-friendly, too! At no additional cost, we brought along our
dog, Khan because he also needed a break from the tough life of lounging
around the house.


This pup knew exactly what the weekend was all about!


We enjoyed the hotel's amenities, but still had a
few questions for Patrick Connors, Director, Sales and Marketing at the
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina.



What are some Eco-friendly features that guests will primarily notice?
Recycling bins throughout the property as well in all guest rooms, our Make a
Green Choice Program (see attached), sensors on sliding glass doors in guest
rooms to control HVAC, Energy Star rated appliances, energy efficient window

Are there organic and vegan options on the menu? YES

I noticed that there were organic shampoo, conditioner & lotion available. Is
that standard or will guests have to request it? Is there an additional cost?
This is standard and we also provide the Green Amenity Kit for you (which is an
additional cost).

Also noticed on the check box for Eco-friendly to-go boxes for food. Is that
standard for the hotel?
Yes this is standard… we use no Styrofoam or Plastic
on any of our to-go packaging

What Eco-accomplishment of the hotel are you most proud of?

Green Seal Certified Gold Level Green Lodging and Eco-Friendly Hotels

Is Sheraton SD involved in any community programs with the city of San Diego?

We are involved with several community programs but not directly with the
city of San Diego, we partner with local food banks to donate food from group
events, we have partnered with the Ronald McDonald House on several occasions to
feed and support the families there, walk and raise money for the San Diego
Humane Society.



Overall, the Sheraton SD made our visit relaxing,
enjoyable and rejuvenated us for the brand new week ahead.



Check them out on your next San Diego trip and
learn more at


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