Recycled Container Gardening

Enhance the organic gardening experience with a recycled container garden!  This sassy method requires minimal space, time, supplies, and money.  Backyard gardeners in urban and suburban zones are attracted to the space-saving and mobility characteristics of container gardening.


  ChairContainer1  PotatoChipCanMJB_5749 (2)

                                                           Recycled Chair               Antique Potato Chip Can


Here are a few quick container gardening tips:


The Container

  • Search around your house for items that would otherwise be disgarded or visit an antique store, almost anything can serve as a container!
  • Drill or cut drainage holes in the bottom of the container to avoid root rot
  • Fill the bottom of large containers with bricks or other recycled items to save on potting soil and compost
  • Line the sides of metal containers with newspaper to protect roots from the heat


The Plants

  • Be mindful of the containers used for vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Toxins can leach into the plants.
  • Choose plants with similar needs (sun exposure, drought tolerant, etc.)
  • Water regularly!  You may need to water daily in the heat of the summer.



Recycled Barrel


Don't let anything contain you, have fun!


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