Reality TV for Global Social Change

A reality show with a conscience is striving to make its way around the globe. Cue the Bamyan Media venture which aims to create Reality TV to inspire and educate a new generation of social entrepreneurs around the world. The venture was founded by three talented young ladies, Anna Elliot, Jasmine Stine and Lucy Lindsey. Interested in helping the venture thrive? Read on….


First, Why the need? More than 70 million young people around the world are unemployed, and among them are potential leaders of tomorrow. Too few have access to the resources and know-how of entrepreneurship and sustainable business. The world urgently needs leaders to create innovative solutions to persistent problems of poverty, violence, and environmental degradation, where top-down development strategies have failed. These potential social entrepreneurs are out there—but they need inspiration and support.


How can it be done? The venture will produce an original reality TV series in developing countries that rewards the courage, dedication and creativity of social entrepreneurs while teaching the skills needed to lead a successful business. Harnessing the power of mass media to inspire a new generation, it seeks to entertain audiences with a competition that:

• Establishes social entrepreneurs as the next pop heroes.

• Encourages the spread of environmentally & socially innovative business practices.

• Links entrepreneurs to practical resources, such as finance & training that can turn their business ideas into a reality.


Contestants compete weekly before the show’s expert judges, testing their business acumen and market readiness. Each episode has its own theme, such as management or environmental impact. Viewers vote via text messaging for their favorite social ventures. Everyone, from viewer to top contestant, is involved in making social entrepreneurship a heroic and achievable reality.


The Journey towards the goal… The venture has been selected as a finalist by the Unreasonable Institute, if chosen, one of the co-founders, Ms. Stine, would be put through a 10 week business bootcamp for young social entrepreneurs. This, in turn, would give the venture the opportunity to work closely with mentors, build connections and ultimately pitch business plans to a conference for investors and philanthropists.


How you can take part in this exciting venture!

1) Sponsorhsip: Learn more and pledge!!

2) Spread the Word! Social networkers and Bloggers unite. Let’s get the message out their!

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