Real Change Comes From Us

There is a Winston Churchill saying "If you're going through hell, keep going".

Many would say that the "green team" might have lost with the turn we saw in the elections.  I say, "let it go".  It's not time to worry about what's going to happen but to make peace with the situation -let's face it, not much will happen immediately from the politicians, so why put ourselves through unnecessary stress of worrying what might happen later from this change of power? It's important to remember that we, each of us individually, still wields our own power and as it's been said time and time again, it is small groups of committed people that make the greatest impacts to social change.

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However, I know personally that on a psychological level, if we feel defeated, it can lead to feeling exhausted, lethargic and subsequently lead to complacency or allowing ourselves to become downright lazy.  Sometimes we do need a break and it's okay to take a few days to sigh but it's never time to quit on the basis of what you believe in.

So what to do? I have four suggestions for you :)

1)  Here is a quick resource guide. Regardless of party affiliation, our elected officials are SUPPOSED to listen to us – so here's the digits to tell them what you think, whenever you want :)

The White House

Congressional switchboard


Governor's office

California Legislature


Los Angeles City Hall

Maybe you want to know what you should complain about?

2) Become an "Armchair Activist", if not already.  Sign up for the newsletter with these organizations, and they will keep you in the loop of important bills or petitions that need your support!  (This is just a short list -feel free to investigate your own!)

  • Union of Conernced Scientists
  • Sea Shepherds
  • Greenpeace
  • Envirnomental Working Group
  •  Food and Water Watch
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Earthjustice
  • Organic Consumers Association
  • Vote Hemp
  • Repower America

I'm not going to lie though … just signing petitions can lead, at times ( I have noticed through my own personal activism journey) into despair or outrage so ….

3) "Turn your Outrage into Outrageous Fun" and Become a Joyful Activist! A friend of mine, Francis DellVecchia wrote the book on it, literally -it's called The Joyful Activist Playbook.  His idea is to give people tools which they can easily, quickly, effectively, and JOYFULLY create change.  His vision is to create a network of people fulfilling small actions that lead to a joyful, earth & people friendly society I think all of us greenies envision. Please check out the website to listen to the idea behind their current project.

4) Email me through: – sign up for free to become an Ambassador and I will personally coach and guide you :)

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