Proper Gardening Biomechanics

Gardening is on the rise, yet about one in every five do-it-yourself injuries occurs during the activity.  It's important to recognize, however, gardening does not cause injury.  Poor gardening technique causes injury.

Planting flowers or an organic vegetable garden should be enjoyable.  Call me crazy, but I actually think weeding is a great way to relieve stress and connect with nature!  However, spending time working in the yard or garden is not fun if you wake up sore the next day.

My low back was very tight before I headed out to my garden on Saturday.  I never would have been able to enjoy the day in the garden without practicing what I preach.  Stacy's number one rule while gardening?  AVOID BENDING OVER AT THE WAIST!

Improper form

Garden-Improper Bend 

Instead, avoid discomfort by alternating between sitting on a stool (get creative, an upside down pot can work just as well)

 Garden Sit

And kneeling

Garden Kneel

Remember to keep your work close to you and tighten your abdominal muscles if you need to reach or move.  It is also important to keep your wrist in alignment and avoid "flicking" your wrist as you dig.

For more information on gardening biomechanics, check out the proper lifting technique demonstration.

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