Priorities – How to Set Them

There are literally millions of things that could be occupying your time.


My favorite activities include: creating, reading, thinking, collaborating, strategizing, researching and understanding.

The ways in which I participate with these activities in my work space is through ongoing process development and increasing my abilities as a web developer. My job uses many of the above activities. I also do a lot of writing and sharing my knowledge with others.


What are your priorities?


Put your priorities into context and gain a better sense of what is important for you in any situation, and what is a "less important" task.


This process helps you figure out a better perspective, too: if something is a priority to Jane, but not to Ella, then both of them free themselves of the need to judge their life by other people's priorities.


Which of these resonate with you?



  • Working with people.
  • Working with information.
  • Working with things.



Most people feel a specific attachment to one of the above. 


From there, figure out what you'd like to do within that sphere: for example, if you like to work with people, do you prefer teaching? or learning? or sharing in teams?


If you like to work with information, do you prefer synthesizing? creating? sorting?


If you like to work with things, do you prefer assembling? building? managing?


Focus on your top 5 priorities within your active sphere: by doing this, you reclaim your ability to be proactive in your life and to follow your unique talents and skills to help make this world a better place.


You may need to use a priorities grid (search in Google), where you do a matchup of each task against another task and assign points to each item that "wins" the matchup — total up your points and you'll see which priorities are your top ones.


Prioritize your needs and skills. Understand the basic reasoning behind why something is important to you. Then own your priorities — live them inside and out.


Monica S. Flores is a web developer at 10K Webdesign. Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @monicadear

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