Plastic Containers And Picasso

Children seem to have the natural ability to pollute every corner of the house. We’ve all seen many well-decorated living rooms doomed by an outbreak of Barbie’s, stuffed animals, and Legos. Here are a few simple steps to de-clutter your dwelling so you and your child’s toys may live together in harmony.

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Nic’s Tip #1:

It’s functional and pretty.

Let me guess, there’s a big unsightly plastic container in the corner of the room brimming with toys? You’re not alone. We all struggle to find ways to preserve our decor while also creating a functional play area for our children. Try using an actual trunk as your coffee table, or a storage ottoman that can double as the perfect hiding place. You can even use baskets which slide into open shelving. Remember: make the play area aesthetically pleasing for you and functional for them.

Nic’s Tip #2:

Art appreciation.

Yes, we all know your child is the next Picasso. Aren’t they all? What’s a parent to do with their little one’s macaroni and finger paint masterpieces? Display them of course. But not just on the fridge. Use magnetic paint to cover an area or an entire wall in your home. Once dry, it can be rolled over again with the same color that matches the rest of the room. All you need are magnets and voila, you now have the perfect real-time art museum. Use this opportunity to teach your kids about thematic groupings. One week, it’s pasta: The next, the color blue. It’s like Facebook for your children and their art.

Nic’s Tip #3:

Thin the herd.

How many toys does one child really need? They only have two hands after all. If you take the time to rummage through all of your kid’s toys, you’d quickly realize they don’t even play with half of them. Use this opportunity to pass these toys onto someone who could use them. I believe in the “one item in, one item out” policy. This is an easy way to balance their toy collection. Maybe even try a toy swap. Have kids in the neighborhood exchange a few toys they’ve outgrown or no longer play with. After the rummaging and toy swaps, you’ll finally be able to walk barefoot at night without piercing your foot when you unwittingly step on your child’s Stegosaurus.

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