Plantable Greeting

A truly unique concept of communication; convey a message inside a recycled card that will grow wildflowers.  Now that's what I call recycling!  The Green Field Paper Company is an organization after my own heart.



These greeting cards are actually embedded with wildflower seeds.  Easy planting instructions are included on the back of each card, as well as the seed content.  Each 100% recycled, soy ink, handmade card will recylce naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow.


Grow a Note Cards

Simply plant the card in an area that receives partial sunlight.  Thoroughly moisten and plant in fine soil 1/4 inch deep.  Keep moist until seeds germinate, tend to them with love and watch them grow!


Business Cards

Considering the modern communication options, I have moved away from business cards over the last few years.  Even business cards made from recycled paper seem wasteful.  I started synching my phone with others on the spot, but then I would get home and completely forget about it.  I have to admit I mourned the loss of the physical takeaway networking advantage.


I was delighted to discover that the Green Field Paper Company also makes seed embedded plantable business cards.  I am anxiously awaiting my order and can't wait to share the gift of wildflowers with everyone I meet.




P.S.  Be sure to check out the fab invitations and 100% recycled gift wrap, too!


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