Personal Visioning as part of your Green Business Process

I've been keeping goal lists since high school, and I've been continuously tracking how they come true. What I've found is that your goals tend to come true when:


  • You believe they are achievable 
  • You singlemindedly focus on them
  • You commit to your own success and your own vision of what success looks like to you


 How I focus on my goals is by using a visionboard and displaying images and phrases that match what I want. I've put those visionboard pages together using a simple presentation software. For my own use, I've also put together music that matches the mood of the presentation.


Here is a PDF version from my visionboard. If you find it interesting (and indeed, it is only extremely interesting to me, as it totally reflects my own personal, individual self — your visionboard will be very interesting to you) I recommend you create your own visionboard.


In terms of a green business, you can create a separate visionboard for your business, or you can internalize your business practice through your visionboard and create external systems and processes that match your internal beliefs, mission, vision, and values. 


Questions to get you started on the visionboarding process:

1) What do I want?

2) Where am I today?

3) What do I see myself doing in 5 or 10 years?

4) What makes me happy?

5) What brings me joy?

6) If I had a day totally for myself, what does the schedule include? Where is it? Who is with me? What do I do on my special day?

7) Where do I feel most productive?

8) Who are the people that make me feel good?

9) When am I most at peace?

10) Why am I here? What is my purpose?


To consider as you're writing your statements and creating your visionboard.


  • Truly believe in what you post 
  • Create statements in the present tense 
  • Put a timeline on ideas you want to achieve faster 
  • Your external reality is almost always based on your internal belief system 
  • To change your external world, you first change your internal world



If you'd like to see the full visionboard, I have it on




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