Partner Opportunities partnership opportunity is a cost effective way to build your brand, market your business and engage new customers!

Since 2008 has been offering news, information and articles on a wide variety of topics related to Green, Health, Wellness, Home, Fashion, Travel and a general variety of high interest topics. has developed a large following and audience in the Green Community made up of everyday people, Eco-friendly consumers, celebrities and people that want to generally live a greener, healthier and more Eco-conscious life. partnership program allows you an opportunity to display an exclusive full page promotion for your business which can entail products, services, ideas, announcements, giveaways and more.

The partnership program

  • Full page promotional display or targeted announcement that features your business on
  • Drive traffic directly to your website at the point of intent.
  • No shelf life, promotions circulate the web indefinitely.
  • Promotions receive thousands upon thousands of views consistently.
  • Promotions maintain high search engine rankings.
  • Promotions exclusive to the individual page it is on.
  • Directory logo always linking to your promotion.

“What Google has done for Pay-Per-Click, news sites, blogs and more are able to do for content”

Example of partnership page:

Sample page ideas:

Reach a growing community of celebrities & greenies.

  • Niche audience that consists of 350,000 + monthly page views and growing by 15% monthly + 400,000 monthly additional video views, through various video channels.
  • A growing social network of over 20,000. Articles are constantly re-tweeted by followers adding thousands of additional monthly tweets.
  • 110,000 Google impressions daily from TGG content.
  • Posts are typically picked up in 15 minutes by Google and generally carry a high page rank using popular keywords.
  • Celebrity and general green audience.

To learn more

The first step is to email a request for a media package. We will respond within 24 hours with a download link that will provide you information on obtaining pricing and more. Note: Partnership program is limited to 100 partners only!

Please email your request to:

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