Paper Bouquets! Copper-Willow Eco Bridal Event

This past Monday was my first, official, voyage into the ocean of possible wedding planning. Although we have not yet figured out a wedding date, I received an invitation to this event and decided to go and see what I might find.


Copper-Willow is what they call an Eco-Luxe Letterpress studio. They specialize in special occasion invitations, most notably weddings. They use eco-friendly papers, all of which are a minimum of 30% recycled content up to 100% recycled content and are FSC or Green Seal approved. Copper-Willow also offers tree-free papers and inks are soy based.


flowers2 Copper-Willow started out by the wives, (Leora and Jill) of two best friends coming together to create a business they felt good about which would also allow them to raise a family. Now on board is one of the ladies mother, Susan, offering a creative alternative to fresh flowers for events.

Susan can make flowers out of eco-friendly papers, such as papers made from mulberry. The paper flowers hold up better on cakes (don't wilt). If they get squashed, they can be re-fluffed. And they have a MUCH longer life span than traditional flowers so brides can keep their bouquets and pass them down. Although there is a chemical process you can do to preserve fresh bouquets, chemicals are not a green girl move and by Susan's own personal experience, they don't preserve color (possibly turning the flowers brown in the process) whereas the color is preserved with the paper bouquets.

One of Susan's selling points to the possible brides that night was that she can re-create bouquets from pictures, so if a bride went with a fresh bouquet, she could then have it re-created (and therefore preserved for memories) after the wedding, and paper bouquets make probably the best kind of bouquet for the toss. She can of course make table decorations, hair pieces for the bridal party, and boutineers for the groomsmen and groom. She also has a special flower she can make by recycling save the date cards!

You can reach Susan through Copper-Willow Eco-Luxe Studio.

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