Ortolan Organic… You’ve done it again!

I certainly do love clothing & jewelry, shoes and the like, but it’s items for the home that most make my heart race. And one of my very, very, very favorite home design lines is Ortolan Organic. Here’s a story of 2 sisters (Bethany & Jenna Mallet), raised on a farm in Ohio – who then moved to the big city (NYC) – who then launched the most gorgeous, edgy line of organic textile and earth-safe dyed pillows, table linens & blankets! You know when you discover a collection and you just think… I want 1 of everything? That’s me with Ortolan.

Anyway, the sisters of Ortolan have teamed up with artist, filmmaker & all-around sexy bastard, David Foote, as 1 of 10 artistic collaborations in his series, No. 10. Here’s the result…

The limited edition pillow has all of the trademarks of an Ortolan piece (organic fabrics, non-toxic dyes, animal-free & sustainable kapok filler, domestic fabrication and pure gorgeousness), but also features the alluring work of Mr. Foote. Divine, isn’t it?

Ortolan pieces don’t come cheaply, but I can personally attest that they are of the highest quality and have an important, timeless feel that make you want to live with them forever! AND with the purchase of this pillow ($275), the No 10 collaborators make a 10% donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

AND here’s the skeleton pillow by Ortolan – One of my absolute favorite pieces (also a favorite of Ms. Emily Deschanel & Ms. Leigh Watson)! Mine graces my dining room (a typically skeleton-free room… get it? We’re vegs) and it’s luxe & large, chic & statement-y. Like I said, Damn, Ortolan Organic… you’ve done it again!

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