Organic & Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner – Part I

America’s beloved holiday is right around the corner and if you’re an eco-enthusiast playing host this year, maybe you’re wondering how to make the meal healthier and more eco-conscious without breaking tradition or throwing your non-green guests into an uncomfortable frenzy. 





There are countless resources for sustainable, yet classic Thanksgiving fare.  Let’s start with the anchor of this time-honored holiday: turkey.



ORGANIC WHOLE YOUNG TURKEY by Organic Prairie – $15 OFF NOW  (Only $42.60 for 13-16 lb)





The story of the Rossman family and owner, Ron, is incredible.  This is a simple, yet educated, man with a true emotional vision.  Ron took his father’s farm from a small community organization through the rough commercialization years of the 80s to a pioneering establishment well before it was the “in” thing to do.  Utilizing all-organic crops and rotational grazing, Ron has seen his livestock go from sick, confined and antibiotic-filled to healthy, content and illness-free.

PASTURED, ORGANIC WHOLE TURKEY by Tropical Traditions  ($75 for 11 lbs)



FREE RANGE, ANTIOBIOTIC-FREE HERITAGE TURKEY from the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Kansas

Even the famous Dean & Deluca has turned a green leaf.  At 14 lbs, this selection runs $125



About the Author
Katherine DalPra is owner/designer for Green Diva, an eco friendly jewelry boutique.

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