Organic Beauty Shops Found on Etsy

With the organic movement still picking up steam, many products and designs are being created on a small scale and sold independently by small companies.  One of the best places to find unique, organic, sustainable products is Etsy–a cooperative site with thousands of independent stores selling everything from clothing to jewelry and other hand crafted items. 

I've scoured Etsy and come up with a list of some of the best organic bath and beauty shops.  These are high quality, all-natural, and best of all–AFFORDABLE products!  Since you have to buy soap and shampoo anyway, give these products a try and support a sustainable, independent business!

Mystique Products

Gorgeous handmade soaps, essential oils, skincare kits and more!  Created to nourish the body and spirit.


Shasta EsScents

With 20 years experience making bath and body products, the owner of Shasta EsScents specializes in aromatherapy; she grows her own organic herbs and creates soaps, massage oils, room sprays and more.  A portion of the proceeds from her sales goes to


Luscious Naturals

Organic, vegan soaps, bath salts and beauty products.


The Organic Soap Shoppe

A family owned and operated company, they never use animal products or test on animals; and use certified organic herbs and ingredients.  Unique aromatic and therapeutic blends!

Back of the Moon

An austrailian-based company makes fresh, all natural bath and beauty products including candles, using organic materials.

Read more about sustainable style and beauty at Fashion, evolved – The Style Blog for the Eco Snob!

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