One, Two, Trees!

Trees clean our air and water plus provide natural wildlife habitat. You probably already knew that. Arbor Day was April 30th, but protecting existing trees and planting new ones is important any day of the year (although a bit difficult in the dead of winter). Here are some ways you can make a difference for trees…

Plant a tree for a buck… help restore forests. Wildfires destroy millions of acres of forests every year. American Forests is the nation's oldest non-profit citizen's conservation organization and works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. You can help. Just a buck (that's not a typo) plants a tree in just the rightplace… where it's needed. 


Remember, paper plates eat trees. Having a party doesn't have to end in waste for our landfills. Why not try these cool, sturdy Verterra plates made from nothing but fallen palm tree leaves. Need I say more? Well, I will. They're 100% chemical free, and can be tossed right into your compost pile! Pair it up with Aspenware cutlery, made from hardwoods otherwise left behind to rot after industrial logging.

Purchase a tee, give a tree. Illustrated by children living in endangered rainforests, the Andira Rain Tees are 100% organic and available in kids and women's sizes. For every tee purchased, a tree is donated to Kids Saving theRainforest.

Crazy facts about every day products that prey on innocent trees.


  • 1.5 MILLION tons of paper napkins enter landfills annually. That's a lot of trees, not to mention waste. A household of 4 that switches to reusable cloth napkins could save $70 per year or more… and reduce their waste by up to 40 pounds per year!
  • If every household in the US switched from virgin fiber paper towels to recycled, we'd save 544,000 trees! Better yet, switch to reusable cloths.
  • Americans exchange 7 billion greeting cards a year. The equivalent of roughly 2.5 million trees! Ouch!!
  • In 1999, Americans used 10 billion paper grocery bags. The equivalent of 14 million trees! Exponential ouch! Don't even get me started on plastic grocery bags.

Other tree-saving ideas. Email greeting cards, reusable shopping bags (as if you've never heard that one before), glass straws…oops, that's plastic. I'll save that for another story…

About Lynn.The founder of and I Count for myEARTH, Lynn is also a contributing editor to Just Cause Magazine. You can find her on twitter & facebook. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, son and two feisty cats.



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