Olivia’s Guide to a Greener Workplace

Our friend & Green living expert Olivia Zaleski visited the fabulous Isaac Mizrahi's studio to share simple and easy Eco-tips. You'll find that the advice she gives doesn't only apply to the fashion industry but to anyone with an office or a ktichen. 

IM Goes Green (reduce re-use recycle)

IM Goes Green (the office kitchen)

  • Reduce paper usage & recycle properly.
  • Switch to fluorescent bulbs. Isaac's office can save $6,960 by switching.
  • Avoid individually packaged products
  • Use ceramic or glass plates & avoid plastic & paper plates.

We'll have to check in with Olivia & Isaac's team to see how the change to a greener workplace is going.  Check back soon!

Note: Mercury is used in a variety of products such as fluorescent bulbs. Though it is a small amount, it must be properly disposed. If not, they may break and release mercury vapors which are harmful to human and ecological health. Visit the EPA site for instructions on proper clean up & disposal.

  Learn more about Olivia by visitng some fun links below:

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