Obsessed with Vintage Jewelry for Fall!

Remember the good, old days when bobbed hair was in vogue, bejeweled gauzy fabrics, ornamental hats & hair jewelry were all the rage and fast-talking intellects were in abundance? A time when the incredibly talented Jennifer Jason Leigh was getting great roles, Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t yet the most annoying woman in the world and Matthew Broderick was actually kind of sexy… that’s right, 1994!  And yes, I do realize that Mrs. Parker & The Vicious Circle was based on Dorothy and her Algonquin Round Table friends that thrived in the 1920’s, but I watched the film the other day and the (somewhat) modern recreation of the “roaring” style of that era was simply de-lovely!

 dparker2.jpg  dparker3.jpg  dparker4.jpg

Eager for Fall 09, I’m in an elegant retro mode lately… 1920s, 1930s – even the early 1960s (thanks to Mad Men making even aerosol-sprayed hair helmets look sexy).  While my Summer look is more 70s caftans, flat sandals & big hoop earrings (which I love, but am bidding farewell until 2010)… my Fall/Winter vibe is about light, tailored layers, intricate costume jewels & femininity.  And though I not one to pull off seriously antique-y, pretty & soft looks (I’m no Mary Catherine Garrison), I do like to trick out my pencil skirts (or wide-leg pants), man-tailored white shirts and ruffled blouses with hand-me-down costume jewelry pieces and pearls.  I have a great collection of pins, cocktail rings and hair combs… but I’m a little short in the necklace department.  Enter Monica Macha


Unique, statement-y and stunning necklaces by Monica Macha.

 We just added Monica’s one-of-a-kind creations – of stunning vintage components – to the Green With Glamour Collection.  From photos alone, we asked Monica to become one of our beloved designers… but now that I’ve inspected, admired and tried on (of course!) Monica’s pieces in person – OH MY GOD!  They are insanely beautiful and well-crafted.  I was finding that I couldn’t take my eyes of them… especially the 2 necklaces above, so I’ve displayed them prominently in the GWG Showroom (swing by & check them out if you’re in LA.  I can feast with my eyes every day!  From a simple white ribbed tank, cardy & jeans to your favorite cocktail dress… these modern mixes of yesteryear’s jewels are an incredible way to take any ensemble up about 5 notches at once.

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