No More Sprinklers In The Rain!

Scenario: It's pouring rain & your sprinkler system is dependably right on schedule & turns on.  What a waste! We found a solution & it's called Cyber-Rain.
We were able to get a hold of one of the founders for a quick Q & A. "Cyber-Rain saves 30% to 70% of water usage from landscape", states to co-founder Greg Nagy. Listen to our chat!

Cyber-Rain is a smart sprinkler control system that connects to & automatically adjust the amount of watering based on the weather condition.  How cool is that? No more wasted water with savings in your pocket to boot. Some lucky residents even qualify for rebates!

Apparently, we are not the only ones buzzing about this product. Check out this video we found on YouTube.


Definitely a useful & practical product that tops our funky finds!

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