Natural DIY Spider Spray via @naturesknockout

Natural DIY Spider Spray

Were we killing ourselves?

We LOVE all things natural, right?  Ummmm, well, okay…confession time…we don’t.  We really can’t say that we do because there are these little creepy crawly things that make us draw the line really super fast!

Soooo, we maybe we should say we love dealing with things naturally!  Like yes, I can say it….spiders–argh, ick, and ugh!

We used to bug bomb our house every year when we’d head out on vacation-yikes!  I remember how successful we felt as we’d find dead spiders for months, so I knew the bombs were successful.  But…were they?  Ugh.  If they were strong enough chemicals to continue killing those spiders for months, what were they doing to our health…uhhhh yeah.  Not so good I don’t think…a chemical IS a chemical :(

So, here are a few things we’ve found about how to get rid of those 8 legged creepers in completely natural ways.

1.  CLEAN THEM OUT:  They love cardboard and messy places.  Sooo, if all else fails, cleaning the house will really bug the heck out of them.  So do it.  And get rid of all of those cardboard storage boxes.  Since they hate plastic, it helps to store things in plastic containers.

2.  GIVE THEM WHAT THEY HATE :)   They don’t like garlic, peppermint or spearmint.  So, fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup water.  Drop in 3 garlic cloves.  Add 12 drops of pure peppermint essential oil, and 12 drops pure spearmint essential oil   Mix together, shake well and spray to your hearts content.  Get window wells, window sills and anywhere you might have spiders.  Remember to re-spray after rain or watering and as often as you like.

3.  Sit back and enjoy life once again, ahhhhhhh

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