Natalie Imbruglia Naked for PETA

Natalie Imbruglia wraps herself in fur for the moment. (Without causing harm to the floppy eared bunny, of course.) She is the latest addition to the collection of celebs gone naked for PETA.


"There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals' backs. In the wild, animals are caught in snares and steel-jaw traps that slam down on their limbs—they often cut down to the bone and mutilate animals' legs and paws," Natalie says—and that kind of torture is a part of every piece of fur we see. Natalie continues, "Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year."

    See who else is Naked for PETA.

Learn more about animals skinned alive. Compassion for animals driving you to do more? Tell Armani To Keep His Fur Free Pledge!



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