MyRegistry: My Big Fat Green Wedding Series

I'm a little behind on my blogging, I have to admit. Wedding planning is an entirely different animal than the other events I've thrown. It's all the "little" things that go into this ritualized celebration that take so much time. You need to research, make decisions, decide, possibly go back and forth several times between you and your to-be spouse, vendors, family, etc. So … anything that makes life a little easier (and of course, greener) is welcome by me. I am proud to present to you, ! or "MR" as the company abbreviates for branding, is a treasure. It allows you to pick out items from ANY online store, enabling you to obviously have more of a selection but also it eliminates the redundant work you might have to do to register in several places for the items you want or "need" (if we're breathing and can manage a smile, what more do we really "need"?). If you don't know, I would say most of us greenies fall under the "LOHAS" demographic. Visit their website for more information, however, it basically means 1 out of every 4 of us may be a conscious consumer. Last time I checked, 25% did not create a majority, although it is a significant percentage. My point being, I feel like it is very hard to find everything a greenie would want on any one green online website. I created one for our wedding, and my bridal shower. Here is a list of the websites of the conscious companies we chose items from:

Green & Greener

MR made this easy on us. All of the items are on one registry site. When people ask, we only send them there. The beauty however is that your guests will still be redirected to the site that the item will actually come from. I am all about subtle education through exposure. I don't want to be high pressure … this is a way for our friends and family to become familiar with our living values, see that there are not only green products out there alternative to non-eco options, but where these items can be bought at any time. I partially took it upon myself to try and expose as many companies as possible with this rationale. As you will see, we do have several items on our registry but also several green companies :) So much for "reduce" I guess, but we are trying to replace old items that need to go. We will be donating all of our old items to the most appropriate agencies -old bedding, for instance, will go to Blankets4Buddies.

So where's the green? Well, it's not like they offer any offset to the shipping, like a company such as Better World Books, but again it allows you to choose where you want your items from (so pick conscious companies my greenies :) but also, it allows you to send out nice looking digital announcements and thank you cards! So it helps you cut down on A) Effort :) , B) Gas from transport but most importantly, C) PAPER!

When an item has been bought for you, you get an email alert. So easy. I'm so grateful!

What if you don't want gifts? MR will allow you to set up a "fund" -we have one for our honeymoon :) This ties into the last thing that I find really great is, that a non-profit can either set up a registry or fund. For a baby non-profit like mine, Green Wave, this will make our charity easy and green. I actually set one up for Green Wave already. If you're feeling in the spirit to give, although we'll always take money, we are looking for fair trade soccer balls, a projector and screen, and some documentaries. You can check that out by visiting a either of our registries online. Get acquainted with it, and fall in love with it … is definitely a MR right :)

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