My Gym is Green

Engaging in organic lawn and garden care offers countless health benefits.  In addition to the fresh, nutrient-dense foods it provides, gardening decreases blood pressure, reduces stress, improves confidence, helps focus, and strengthens the body.  Not to mention the psychological boost conferred by accomplishing a creative task and literally taking time to smell the roses. 


Just about every muscle is used as gardeners dig, plant, weed, and move around the garden.  The small, intrinsic muscles are recruited to stabilize and control movements while the large, superficial muscles are used for gross motor movements.


As long as proper gardening biomechanics are followed while lifting, bending, moving, and carrying objects, the workout is much less stressful to the joints than some other forms of recreational activities or jogging.  Research indicates that an individual can use just as much energy performing gardening tasks compared to a gym-based exercise program.  I believe gardeners burn even more calories because we tend to spend more time engaging in physical activity than a typical gym session.




Just one more reason to "Garden for the Health of It".  Think of your garden as the gym, but without the membership fee…and awkward machines, and enormous carbon footprint.



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