My Chocolate Diary: Marsatta Fancy Chocolates

My Chocolate Diary:   Marsatta Fancy Chocolates  – Redesigning the Art of Making Chocolates

Yesterday afternoon a nice little gift arrived for me on my desk from Jeffray Gardner, a local chocolate maker resides in Redondo Beach, CA.  Besides writing about green homes in the LA area, my other true love is chocolate!  Not just any chocolates; dark, organic, hand made, artisan chocolate that just make my afternoons feel like I’m in heaven… or at lease for a little bit before I continue back to work selling real estate.  Inside the package was a small round metal box labeled “Exquisite Dark Chocolate Mocha Bits” and two bite size squares “Dark Chocolate Thin”.  Also a note from the chocolate maker that says, “We hope you enjoy tasting these little gems as we enjoy making them!”

To my surprise, the shape of the chocolate bits is like coffee beans, and smells like coffee beans, with a pungent mocha aroma as I open the can.  The taste is absolutely amazing!  I take one piece and then five more.  Gardner’s blend of organic chocolate and Indonesian Sumatra Coffee gives a sensation of having the perfect Mocha coffee afternoon.  The Dark Chocolate Mocha Bits is 56.5% Cocoa and certified organic made with unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar, and cocoa butter.  The package is also very convenient for place in purses or putting in work drawer for emergency, such as a case this afternoon a cancellation of an escrow; I took 8 pieces.  I can imagine this would also be a great accent for plain vanilla ice cream or chocolate chip cookies.  For chocolate fans that love something sweet and robust mocha flavor, Marsatta Dark Chocolate Mocha Bits is definitely a must try.

Personally I love dark organic chocolates that are at least 70% Cocoa, which in this case the Marsatta Dark Chocolate Thins, made form 72% Cocoa perfectly wrapped in foil fits perfectly in my hand.   I also like the wrapping; it is simple and elegant that pertains to the simple and elegant dark chocolate squares.  Like an overture, ideally this type of chocolate takes three bites, not one.  The first to initiate the rich flavor, and the second, to let the chocolate absorb and develop, and the last bite, and I do this to pair up with a sip of Cabernet Sauvignon, to fully enjoy the sensation.  For chocolate lovers that prefer stronger, bittersweet, more pungent taste, I recommend the Marsatta Dark Chocolate Thins over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a California Zinfandel.  As I’m writing this I have one piece left… I think I’ll save it for my tomorrow afternoon “chocolate time”. 




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