My Big Fat Green Wedding

Green Wave philosophy is to inspire by example. We feel that we need sweeping changes in our culture for sustainability to be achieved, and the only way to do it is to set the example ourselves, or one person at a time. So, like anything else, I am taking the opportunity of my wedding as an opportunity to inspire other people. "My Big Fat Green Wedding" is my newest project, inspired by Green Wave, named by my girl friends from Green With Envy events who I have contracted to be my green wedding coordinators. I have known both Laura and Carlee, the two owners and fem dynamo entrepreneurs since high school. I was, of course, pleased when they decided to start a green business, and so they were my first choice to recruit for the project of a green wedding.

Janine Johnson & Ken Jordan

Together we will be documenting the green wedding process in hopes that we might inspire couples to make sustainable choices leading up to and for their big day, as well as to help showcase green businesses. We will only be able to change this world by supporting and empowering the people making better choices for us all. Please join both Green with Envy, and I on the journey of My Big Fat Green Wedding by tuning in


In regards to the wedding process, here's a couple tips I have learned so far.

Eco-friendly Ring:

What is an eco-friendly ring? It could be vintage or antique That would be the lowest impact. Having a ring created out of recycled metals is another important element as the mining process for metals is very intensive. Stones that are sourced fair trade –we do not want to wear someone else's suffering. Certificates can be procured for both the stone and metal content of the ring. Wood rings are also really beautiful although I would please ask to avoid Teak. Although Teak is popular because it's strong and resistant to nature's elements, the cultivation of teak is toxic. If your man hasn't popped the question yet, hint at an eco-friendly ring. If you are going to wear something forever, it should be something that reflects your values. If you are engaged, and have not bought the wedding bands for the both of you, then try these options:


  • BrilliantEarth
  • Leber Jewelry
  • Green Karat
  • Simply Wood Rings
  • Liza Shtromberg Jewelry


Of course I will say you can try Green with Envy. These ladies are super organized and professional. They are bi-coastal. Laura is located in D.C. and Carlee is in Southern California. Either of the ladies can be contracted for everywhere though I might recommend that outside of these locales, you find someone closer to you. It will come in handy to have a coordinator/ events planner closer to you if you want someone to hold your hand through the process and lend advice for things such as have a wedding site selection and assistance with local vendors. Carlee currently lives in San Diego but lived in L.A. but got married in Napa and so is familiar with all 3 areas. Laura has traveled the world, is from San Diego, lives in D.C., and got married in Amalfi, Italy and so has become quite resourceful in acquiring information on how to plan trips and events local and abroad.

Although anyone is capable of planning an entire wedding on their own, it is extremely stressful. Just in the last month and half that i have been engaged, I would recommend talking to professionals and hiring one, even if just for consultations for the guidance they may give. Green Weddings are not the standard, and so if you want a green wedding, I would highly recommend working with a green professional because that is their focus. Green wedding professionals should be typically more aware of the different options that can be implemented to make a wedding eco-friendly and may know of more and have better rapport with eco-friendly vendors. Ultimately though, the rapport you have with your wedding planner will be of supreme importance since you will be working with that person extensively over several months to a year or more.

Finding a Green Wedding Consultant


  • You can look for local business listings on the internet through the Google Map feature.
  • (directory)


For advice on creative ways on how to inspire change in any situation please contact me. You can follow me on Twitter @GreenGeisha or reach me through the Green Wave contact page at

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