My Big Fat Green Wedding: The Mindful “Look”

What is your bridal "look". Well I think it is both your make-up and hair and your accessories and if you want, you can make yourself up head-to-toe in an eco-conscious way. One of the things you will have to plan for is your make-up and hair. If you live in a major city and you get married in town, you should have no problem these days being able to research a good make-up artist that specialize eco-conscious, non-toxic products. My girlfriend, Demesha Hardy was not specializing in this new realm but was eager to learn and use whatever I wanted. She is one of my best friends and … I really couldn't have thought of using anyone else especially since I know from personal experience she knows how to make me look pretty :) And she is one of my top Beering models, sporting them on her shifts at Q's in Brentwood.

Pictures by Tom O' Neal

Here's what I thought the main considerations were for a green look:

1) Who will do my make-up?
2) What products will be used on my face and hair? Are they listed on the Database? Are they non-toxic or cruelty free? Is the company a conscious company?
3) Can I use these products again?

What did I do?

Well as I mentioned before, I wanted to use Mesha. I did put her up to an eco-challenge, which I would recommend if regardless of using a friend or hiring someone. I sent Demesha the link to the Environmental Working Group and and asked her to research both. I also ordered her "Not just another pretty face" and the "Green Beauty Guide" from Better World Books, and asked her to please read.

Products …Since Demesha did not currently have eco-conscious brands in her make-up kit, we went shopping. The first place we stopped by was Mother's, a Whole Foods kind of market in Orange County since we were down there already for a doctor's appointment I had to bring her to. We bought a few Emani eyeshadows, a vegan, paraben free mineral brand. They actually have a cool website and promote green awareness. I was hesitant to buy mascara there as I was not sure I wanted to commit to a product purchase when I would not be able to return it a) because of the type of product, and b) because I don't live in Orange County. For the rest of the products, I took Demesha on a field trip to Green Line Beauty in Hollywood. The owner of the store is a wealth of knowledge and caters to eco-conscious stars and cancer patients. She only carries Jane Iredale for cosmetics, so the rest of my look was Jane (blush, lip gloss, eyebrows, mascara, cheeks)

Demesha, as a gift, had bought me a set of Eco Tools -so even down to the tool, we were being as mindful as possible. For hair spray we used rawhold from Robert Hallowell's prawduct.

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