My Big Fat Green Wedding Series: Pick your Team!

It's standard for any event … you must have a team.

I'm lucky, I have a couple friends from high school that started a green wedding consulting company, Green With Envy events. If you have never planned an event before, I would highly recommend you use such a service and plan a minimum of one year out. I am used to planning fundraisers with less than two months time, but really … the wedding planning has been the hardest event I've ever planned -and it's still not done!

So here's my tips!

1) Hire a Green Wedding Consulting service – you will not regret it. They will work with your budget -whatever you can get from them will help you immensely if not just for ideas. Sometimes you need a 3rd party "professional" to mediate the ideas with your better half ;)

2) Choose your friends! You will have girls that want to help; use them, regardless of their green level. This is your opportunity to convert your friends if not already greenies or make them even greener! You have the opportunity to challenge your team to bring your wedding to a whole new eco-level!

3) Lay down some laws! It depends on what you want. Maybe you are not the Green Queen but you have a friend that is -put that person in charge! If you are the Green Queen, then communicate clearly to your family and friends that are helping you out not only your ideas, but absolute laws. For instance, I had to tell my mom she was not allowed to make impulse purchases unless she could qualify the purchase by knowing the product was sourced responsibly meaning a minimum of fair trade or made in the U.S., reusable, recyclable, and preferably biodegradable. This law has helped significantly!

4) Resources … you will have your family and friends wanting to help you. They, regardless of their eco-mindedness will sometimes get distracted and want to pick up magazines or books. Here's some rules on resources: use your library, if some book is not available except for purchase please try to use first, and go online! You can find almost anything online. Start with blogs such as The Green Girls, The Green Bride Guide, Green With Envy, Eco-Luxe Living, Eco Stilletto, The Offbeat Bride. You will find suggestions for how a green wedding goes and from there start typing your wishes into Google's search engine and see what you can find!

5) Challenge your Team! Regardless of their experience in any field, challenge your team to raise the bar if that is important to you. There are many events leading up to the actual wedding, all of which count. Rethink everything and every step. How can you make every motion, every moment as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

So who's on my team?

  • Right hand woman, leading lady: My Mom!
  • Monica Salazar of Green Addict & Rainforest Action Network: General ideas, support, and location for after wedding party in L.A.
  • Christine Johnson: My sister, she's my maid of honor, in charge of engagement photos and website
  • Phu Styles eco-friendly celebrity stylist (She dressed the people from The Cove for the Academy Awards, as well as Ken for the Grammy's): Wardrobe for myself, wedding party, and my darling fiance
  • Demesha Hardy (long time friend and eco: Make-up and hair
  • Amy Tan (Treespace Studio): Save the Dates, Invitations, and wedding topper
  • Laura Rankin (Green With Envy Events): Bridal shower
  • Ann Murray (life long vegetarian and PR): Bachelorette Party


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