My Big Fat Green Wedding Series: One Night Affair

For the green girl, there are several options for an eco-friendly gown.

You can buy
There are amazing designers, such as Deborah Lindquist, Wai-Ching, Puridee, and Annatarian.

You can borrow
You can borrow a family member's dress. I think it is every matriarch's dream to have someone reuse their dress whether it's their daughter or grandaughter. You can even borrow from aunt's and cousins. Friends also seem eager to share their love in offering their dress.

Dress by Deborah Lindquist — Heidi Luerra, Janine Johnson, Apple Levy @ Green Wave Fundraiser, Safair Soiree 07/09

You can make your own
There are many talented people in this world. If you are one of them and have that DIY spirit, perhaps consider making your own dress.

You can rent!
This is the option I chose. Although I toyed with the idea of renting a dress from Rent the Runway, I decided to, with the suggestion of my mom, visit a rental salon and try on dresses. In Los Angeles there is a great place called One Night Affair. I could not have been happier. The dress I chose ended up being the first pulled, actually from my little sister who will be my maid of honor, but I still tried on over 20 more dresses just to make sure. The staff is well experienced and was able to pull dresses for me that I might not have tried on otherwise and ended up being in my top 4. Renting a dress runs typically from $500-900. Although for $900 you could buy a dress, $900 may or may not get you the dress you want (depending on your style). What I like about the renting though is that you don't have the burden of storing or figuring out what to do with it afterwards :)

"Antoinette" dress by Wai-Ching
Antoinette is my middle name, had to like this dress ;)

My favorite Deborah Lindquist dress!

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