Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon is one of the original eco-fashion companies.  Founded in 2000 by designer Melissa Baswell, it is a perfect example of how ethical style can be hip, fresh, and sustainable.  The clothing is made with organic cotton and hemp, manufactured in the U.S., and designed to wear for several years.  The quality of the pieces created by Mountains of the Moon is incomparable.  Every bit of effort  goes into making these clothes beautiful and green.

Baswell started at the University of Wisconsin as a theater major, and one of the classes she took for her degree made a huge impact on her decision to start Mountains of the Moon:  Costume Design.  "I fell in love with it and I knew that's what I wanted to do for a living," she told me.  "I've always sewed my own clothes and enjoyed making things, but when I took the class at U of W, it all just clicked."  With a startup budget of $200, Baswell started making the patterns and clothes herself, selling them in local boutiques and at festivals.  When she finally took her company online, she found a global audience for her fashions.

"Mountains of the Moon is the real deal," she said.  "Its not easy to make a living in this economy, and it does cost more to produce high-quality clothing in the U.S., but we are committed to the green movement.  It is a passion for everyone who works with us."  This uncompromising commitment to green fashion has earned Mountains of the Moon global recognition, including being named as one of ten awarded as Green Company of the Year by Green America.

Find out more about this trail blazing company, and the fabulous wearable art they create by visiting their website / online store:  Mountains of the Moon.  


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