Mom’s Day on the way–Celebrate it Green

We know May seems a way off, but we also know from experience that planning ahead makes it easier to celebrate green. And what better day to ensure eco-friendly choices, than Mother's Day, when we honor not only our own moms, grandmoms, sisters, daughters, and/or daughters-in-laws, but Mother Earth.

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An eco-friendly Mother's Day starts with cards. A survey by showed that the majority of moms treasure a card over any other gift. If you plan to buy, choose from among a myriad of recycled, plantable or tree free alternatives like these from Botanical Paperworks, Plain Paper and Fabric Company, or Acorn Designs.  Or take a look at the offerings from Mr. Ellie Pooh paper will especially appeal to kids as it's made from elephant dung! Don't worry moms, it's completely sanitized and should your card especially meaningful because the company's goal is to support elephants in Sri Lanka, by helping them to be seen as a source of income rather than as a nuisance to farmers.

Does Mother's Day in your mind equal flowers? If you're planning to purchase these sentimental favorites, seriously consider buying organic. Here's why. Most flowers are imported from countries where they are heavily sprayed with chemicals, some of which have been banned in the U.S. When you buy mom conventional flowers, these chemicals are brought into her home as residue. The families of floral workers (most of whom of are women of childbearing age), also are at risk from chemicals brought home on the women's skin and clothing.  

As an alternative to a bouquet, how about purchasing a locally grown, organic plant? Or why not create a gift basket that includes seed packets for mom's favorite flowers or veggies, a trowel you personalize by painting on her name, a pair of gardening gloves, and a fun re-purposed "planter." We've seen flowers growing in everything from shoes to colanders to bird houses. Use your imagination to come up with a container your mom will love.

When it comes to gifts, whether you make them yourself or buy, think eco-friendly, recycled, repurposed and/or organic. This morning we were guests on AM Northwest, on KATU TV in Portland, OR, where we offered a number of great gift choices that will please mom and respect the Earth. You can watch the segment to get ideas, (click on "past shows" and look for "Gifting Green"), and find information about the products we mention at Celebrate Green.

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