Model Turned Super Hero Gisele Bündchen Saves The Planet (Video)

New Animated Web Series
Gisele & the
Green Team
” Premiered On with Enlightening
and Entertaining Content.


A Squared Entertainment (A2) and AOL (NYSE:
AOL) announced today the launch of a new multimedia property, “Gisele & the
Green Team
on AOLKids. Created in collaboration with supermodel Gisele Bündchen, the series
and website
focus on empowering young girls while rallying kids to help save the planet.
“Gisele & The Green
Team” provides a complete interactive experience including 26 short-form
animated webisodes
and an interactive website with games and activities.

As a longtime children’s entertainment veteran, A2 Entertainment’s CEO Andy
remarks, “Gisele’s passion for the environment is inspiring and with ‘Gisele &
the Green Team’s’
interactive features and content, we hope to pass that enthusiasm on to a new
generation. Kids
want to make a difference. “Gisele & the Green Team” will offer resources for
kids to have a
better to understand themselves and the world around them.”

“AOL provides access to some of the most intellectual and iconic people in the
world, and that
is precisely what our collaborations with A2 have helped us accomplish for
AOLKids,” said
Stephanie Cohen, Director of AOL Kids and Teens. “Gisele Bundchen is an
inspiring role model
for girls and we’re delighted to connect our young audience with her important

“Gisele & the Green Team” follows a group of teenage girls who lead double lives
supermodels and environmental superheroes. The series provides its young
audience with
an educational and entertaining online destination that celebrates the planet,
diversity, self-confidence and sisterhood. The site, part of AOLKids, will feature a “Girl
Power” section that
includes inner and outer beauty tips, activities that inspire girls to believe
in their dreams, and
more. The “Girl Power” section is designed to reinforce key values associated
with “Gisele & the
Green Team,” such as believing in oneself, having an attitude of gratitude,
being of service and
developing self-awareness.

"There's a vital connection between empowering our youth and protecting our
planet," says
supermodel Bündchen. "With Gisele & the Green Team, we hope to not only teach
girls about important environmental issues, but support them in building
self-confidence and
discovering their inner potential. By providing these tools they will become
stronger, healthier
leaders for our future – a future in which they can play a critical role in
protecting our planet."


A2 enlisted the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to help create the
“Go Green”
section on the “Gisele & the Green Team” site that will highlight daily tips,
facts and news about
environmental action and awareness. UNEP also helped to identify the 26 most
important issues
around the world, which became the topics for the first season of webisodes.

A designated goodwill ambassador for UNEP, Bündchen aims to share her knowledge
expertise to inspire children across the globe to make small changes that will
have a big impact.
Bündchen is internationally known for her humanitarian and environmental work
and actively
promotes protecting the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Amazon Rainforest water
sources by
donating a percentage of profits from her line of sandals, Ipanema Gisele
Bündchen. Gisele and
her father launched Projeto Água Limpa (Clean Water Project) in her hometown of
The project aims at implementing sustainable environmental management and
promoting therecovery of riparian vegetation and the micro basins of the region.

Xing Xing, a digital animation studio in Beijing, China, co-produced the
animated webisodes with
A2 Entertainment.

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