Mistletoe – Not Just for Smooching!

Did you know that European Mistletoe has a variety of health benefits? – Not to be confused with American Mistletoe which is merely a decoration that we Americans use as an excuse to steal a few kisses this time of year.

Mistletoe has been used for centuries to treat conditions, such as headaches and seizures. New studies have shown that it may help stimulate the immune system as well. Mistletoe has also been shown to have a calming influence on people who are suffering from anxiety disorders.

"One of the best known properties of mistletoe is its ability to reduce blood pressure. It is also often taken together with hawthorn in various herbal mixtures in order to strengthen the heart, especially in older people. There have also been claims that mistletoe can help treat certain cancer types, although these claims still await further scientific research." (excerpt from plantsmedicinal.com)

There are also many more properties that medicinal herbs like this one have, but all the information that would be necessary to mention to describe these plants fully, would not fit in one article. Luckily, many other web sites can be found online that describe medicinal properties of mistletoe in more detail as well as many, many others so one can also Google "medicinal herbs" for hundreds if not thousands of others.

You can purchase quality mistletoe extract here: http://herb-pharm.com/catalog/mistletoe-p-135.html

Do not consume mistletoe that has not been processed. It can cause seizures, vomiting and in some cases, death. DO NOT use mistletoe if you are pregnant as it can cause harm to your unborn child!



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