Maximizing your Energy through Working with Green Businesses

As a green business owner, I find that the more I focus on supporting and working with other organic, sustainable, fair trade, and progressive organizations, the more energy I have, the clearer my goals, and the better I feel about creating the kind of world I want to be in, on the planet I am proud to call home.


Whether you start a green business, run a green business, or help an existing green business grow, you have a chance, every day, to live your purpose and to be in tune with your values.


As a principal and thus directly responsible for the financial/environmental/people-oriented impact of a web design/development company, I do my best to abide by our stated operating principles:


  • To create a more compassionate world.
  • To practice honesty in business.
  • To help like-minded people network, support, and empower one another.
  • To make a fair profit.
  • To retain our integrity in supporting social justice, environmental sustainability, and a safe, just, cooperative society.


I do believe that everyone has a choice on how to focus and "tune in" their energy, and as someone who believes in the importance of doing the best you can with where you're at, I believe that committing to the daily practice of running and sustaining a green-focused business, that works to support other organizations with a focus on environmental and social responsibility, keeps me in line with the "right path" for my own life.


Maximize your energy and live your own values.


Do the right thing.


Make a choice, and stand by your choice.


I believe all of us who are standing for the same values will help build a new vision of positivity, sustainability, abundance, and sufficiency for our planet and all species on it.


Support green businesses by either starting a new one, helping an existing one grow, or purchasing from a green business in your community.


photo: Flowers in Yakushima, by kimon




Monica S. Flores of 10kWebdesign believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She creates effective, engaging websites for women-owned companies, green businesses, and progressive organizations: her focus is on organic, holistic, fair trade, and sustainable work.


Thirty Steps to Starting up your Green Business

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Find additional information on green metrics, sustainable practices, long-term sustainability, and a resource list.


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