Marketing a Green Business, straight from the hip!

We are asked on a pretty regular basis, how do I get my Green Business or for that matter my business in general off the ground? We decided to post a blog that was prepared by Chief Marketing Officer who has over 20 years in media. His opinions and advice are as straight as it gets! We hope this post can help give you some important pointers and lead you in the right direction with your young business.


The Internet landscape has changed. The days of trying to find information without being smacked with an ad as you are reading an article are long gone. People have developed somewhat of an "Ad Blindness" and while many forms of online marketing exist, they are no where nearly as effective as they used to be and can be costly. Many forms exist of online marketing, some hit and some miss. But through all the changes one form of marketing has stood the test of time and always will… Direct Marketing. So with this being the case, what is one to do effectively and inexpensively to get going in the right direction?

First – The Internet is consolidating to content channels and media entrepreneurs are maneuvering this new landscape very, very well and creating these channels that can help benefit the smaller guy. So, for example, if a content channel was created that discussed snow skiing and snow boarding as a topic, had good traffic and you were selling snow skis, you would want to, most likely, try to capture that audience, correct? Not necessarily.  And this is where people are making costly mistakes right now in trying to get a business going. Yes, it is important to match content with an audience for your marketing to be effective, but how the content is being matched is where things are flawed. So if you are a Green Business or Small Business trying to get off the ground, follow a few simple steps below and you should be on your way to great growth…

1. First and foremost identify your market - Who is your market and how do you get to them? Now a days, you can easily identify your ideal market through a few simple Google Searches. For example, if you are manufacturing picture frames and you wanted to wholesale them to picture stores, you would want to identify your market as picture stores.

2. Second, credibility is everything - Through the power of Videos and Product Branding, you can quickly establish credibility of your product or service. If you can do a professional video, get one done.  If you know someone, have them do it. does offer a video production service, so if you need to get one done, visit: Once you get your videos done, use it in all your marketing materials.

3. Many businesses fail to communicate their message properly to the proper audience. Direct Mail, Direct Marketing and Direct Email has and always will be the absolute quickest and most powerful form of marketing on the planet and it is time tested! It delivers your message quickly and effectively to your market. Many people think that if you are a manufacturer of picture frames and advertise your services in a publication read by picture stores, your business is going to take off. And while this can be possible it isn't reality for the small business owner who doesn't have 5k to spend on an ad in a magazine.

4. Create your message and effectively communicate it with your market. Your message should include Feature, Benefit, Close. Explain the features, the benefits and have a call to action.

5. Direct market your message at least 100-125 times a day. Generate leads and follow up with information on your products and services. Direct Marketing can be in the form of email, newsletters, direct mail, ezines, articles and more.

6. As a bonus- Google Alerts proves to be a great source of leads. If you are manufacturing picture frames, setting up a Google alert for Picture Frame Outlets or Stores can deliver great leads to follow up with right in your email daily. It is recommended you Google "making money with Google Alerts"

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Happy Marketing!!!!!!!!


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