Managing your Green Focus into the New Year

The close of the year is an excellent time for planning. I like to take some time starting in November and early December to assess where I currently am and where I am headed.

The topics I usually organize around include: Health, Family, Relationships, Spirituality, Household, Travel, Work and Career, Finances, Possessions/Purchases, Community Involvement, Philanthropy, and Technology.

You may choose some other topics that make sense to you and your current stage of development as a person, as a green girl, and in your relationship to others.

When it comes to "resolutions", I invite you to take a page for child-rearing manuals: instead of saying "Don't!" come up with options for you to say "Do!"

So, for example, "Don't eat chocolate" is a really difficult new year's resolution. A better one is "Choose healthy options for snacks, like nuts, fruits, crudites, and whole grain crackers."

  • The first one puts the image of chocolate in your mind, then tells you not to have it (impossible!). 

  • The second one gives you alternatives to reach for and gives you positive feedback on behavior you want to incorporate into your life.

We want to increase the number of positive, supportive, and accepting "scripts" that play in your head whenever you have an option to choose the next item on your list.

For example:

  • "Go for a walk every day — stretch and enjoy the fresh air." (instead of "lose 10 pounds")

  • "Increase my understanding of my children's needs and respond to them with compassion and guidance." (instead of "stop yelling at my daughter")

  • "Believe in the abundance of the universe and practice abundant, mindful, connected relationships as much as possible." (instead of "get out of debt" or "find a new boyfriend")

If you are a woman in business and are interested in "greening" your business, we're excited to invite you to some very special gatherings this year.

Please send me an e-mail if you're interested in getting involved (monica (at) green business women (dot) com)

If you are looking for a green job, I'm also including some links to assist you in your ongoing job search.

Happy 2010 everyone! Let's make this a terrific year together: for us, for our families, for our customers and coworkers, and for our planet.

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Monica S. Flores is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business. She is available for consulting on web development through 10kWebdesign. She also offers a directory of woman-owned, green businesses and a member community for success-oriented women.

Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear

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