Making Green Thinking a Part of Your Life

How do we make green thinking a real part of our daily lives? Is your household filled with green, organic, earth-friendly products? Do you consume healthy, natural, sustainably created food and drinks? Are you thinking green enough? How much green is too much green? Is being green too hard-core? or is it more mainstream than we think?

We say we're green, but are we really and truly green?

earth greenIs your business, company, industry, or product/service as green as it can be?


Do you offer a "greener" alternative to a mainstream or commercially produced product?


If you're in business, do you consider being green to be a big part of your new venture?


Are you taking steps to choose more "green" suppliers for your daily needs like groceries, cosmetics, household goods, and office supplies?


Being green typically means that you actively conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste. Benefits of living green mean better use of raw source material, incorporating waste reduction and energy efficiency into our practices, networking with other green folks, and using "triple bottom line" practices to help people, planet, and profits.

Beyond the knowledge and the practice, I also encourage you to think about the big vision.
What does a successful green lifestyle look like to you?
If you're a businessperson, what does a successful green business feel like to you?

Is the quality of your vision big enough, bold enough, and strong enough to give all of us hope for our shared future on this planet?


I think it is! 

Share with me your big dream for what a successful green business looks like: we'll start sharing perspectives in this space.

  • Why buy a cucumber that has travelled 2,000 miles to get to your greengrocer when you can plant one in your own garden?
    I've put in a profile at, where you can list what you're growing and find other gardeners in your area.
  • Why purchase a diamond ring with no thought to where it was mined when you can obtain luxury, sustainably processed jewelry and other beautifully designed objects?
  • Green Girls Guru Meghan is launching Sulusso later this summer for these types of items.
  • Why support a big-box store where profits go to the corporate office thousands of miles away when you can trade, barter, freecycle, or support local, independent businesses who will keep money within your community?
  • Why buy just another cup of coffee when you can choose to support family farmers, fair trade practices, and social justice?

I believe we all will look back at this timeframe and identify key turning points (the 2008 U.S. election results, the economy implosion, the rise of gas prices, the focus on backyard gardening, stronger demand for organic, fair trade, sustainably-grown products) when the "tide started to change" and people like you and me decided we wanted to be more thoughtful about our participation in the economy.

  • Why go to an in-person meeting in another state when you can take advantage of videoconferencing, thereby reducing your carbon footprint?
  • Why buy from someone you don't like when you have the ability to choose who you want to support? I purchase from green, progressive, minority women in business.

Let's take steps together to learn about, share best practices on, and increase the knowledge of green businesses both locally and nationwide.

List your green business for free in the national directory at Follow me on Twitter at @monicadear and let me know about your green business!

 Monica S. Flores  of 10kWebdesign is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business — she believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She is available for consulting on web development, green business practices, and women in business.

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