Now is the time to make the time.  Our lives will never slow down if we do not allow ourselves to stop.  Do it for yourself.  This is green.  It’s green because when you allow yourself to slow down, look up and out, and just breathe … you see the world differently.  Priorities become clear, you are not lost in your own or other people’s dramas or in business of cyberspace.  When you can see more clearly you will see the big picture and you will understand, and not just because someone is telling you, that you affect the world. You affect the world because we are all a bunch of “yous”.  We are all individuals making choices that collectively affect the world in big ways sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.  If we are blind, we may affect the world adversely by walking through it clumsily; if we can see, we may walk through life with grace.

8/365 Making Time Stand Still [EXPLORE!]
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So make time for yourself so you can find this place of centeredness and learn to see:

Exercise –make time for yourself.  Give yourself at least this and make it first.  I consider exercise to include meditation, as I believe it is exercise for mind and soul, but at least make time for the physical.

Pick up some green hobbies –make your own products at home so you stop rushing around stores to always pick them up.  Analyze how you can make your life more sustainable and start doing it.  Start learning how to really prepare, enjoy, and honor food –check out the Slow Food movement for inspiration.

Read -If you are interested in the green movement, start reading about it –dive in.  Stop reading just blogs; start reading books.  Get a broader perspective.  Green world can be inspiring but it can also feel heavy at times.  Keep it light by reading something you find uplifting, or going outside to hear the birds sing.

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