Wellness with @IvyJoeva: Made with Love, Mother%*^er! (Video)

Sometimes the most conscious among us, lose our $#*%.  How does this happen?  Why do we lose it like this?  If we take a couple steps back, we may find we’ve been withholding important truths, perhaps even from ourselves.  We may have suppressed our true feelings in an effort to “be evolved,” and allowed resentments to pile up under the surface.

It’s never great to unload on someone else.  When we do this, we’re not only pushing them away, but also regressing to a less powerful version of ourselves.  The antidote is prevention:  becoming more conscious of how we feel every step of the way, and strengthening our commitment to share that with transparency and compassion.

As Marianne Williamson says, “sometimes the loving answer is ‘no.’ ” Sometimes love requires us to make a stand for the kind of energy we will—-and will not—- allow into our lives, so that we create an environment for ourselves that’s conducive to being loving.

What is something you’re aware of withholding from someone in your life?  How can you share this honestly and lovingly, before it builds up?

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