Made in Thailand…it’s a good thing.

I have written a few times about emerging designers offering jewelry that is as beautiful as it is sustainable. These designers are part of an evolving movement in the luxury sector. The definition of “luxury” is finally starting to reflect social and environmental responsibility and Yilin Choo is a poster child of sustainable luxury. The Singaporean designer has exquisite taste and isn’t afraid to combine old world artisan style with modern luxury. 


Yilin’s jewelry is made from recycled metals, ethically sourced gems and is fair-trade made by artisans from the Karen tribe in Thailand. By supporting Yilin, you are helping to push the sustainable luxury agenda forward and contributing in a meaningful way to the preservation of artisan culture in Thailand.

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Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of Sulusso offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about.

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