Looking Back at 2008

I had compiled this list before New Year's on a loose piece of paper (I should have gone digital for green and organizational purposes). My apologies to anyone who went looking for this link before. 

I feel as if Ken and I accomplished many tasks together. What can I say? We're a good pair :)

Janine Johnson, The Crystal Method, Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland

I moved in with Ken in December of 2007 so we had a full year of modifying our behavior to better ourselves and better the world. This list is not necessarily in order.

  • Switched to green cleaning products
  • Started composting with Bokashi
  • Ken traded in the Range Rover for Ford Escape Hybrid
  • "Blades" by Sabertec installed on all cars (Ken, myself, his partner Scott, and their employee/tour manager Josh)
  • Recycling efforts enhanced at home and at Ken's studio
  • Bought more reusable bags so we could put them in our cars, backpacks, and persons so we never leave home without them
  • Purchasing nearly exclusively organic products
  • Attended Alternative Build Expo
  • Attend the Eco Gift Expo
  • Adjusting our thermostats down
  • Putting our sprinkler system on timers so it only goes off at 4am (water conservation)
  • Swtiching out lights to CFL's
  • Supporting the conservation of the Amazon rainforest by purchasing Amazon Herb Co. products
  • Choosing to eat vegan at least twice a week
  • Supporting local green businesses such as Green and Greener, Leaf Cuisine, Madeline's Bistro, Hugos Tacos
  • Supporting our local farmer's market
  • Turning the water off when we brush our teeth
  • Becoming active in the green community by networking at Green Drinks, and attending chapter meetings for USGBC and SBC
  • Throwing a green Earthdance party
  • Ken participated at the green festival Rothbury as the Think Tank dj and panelist
  • The Crystal Method played both Earthdance and Drive the Change for Sabertec
  • Ken and I sent out a video card instead of regular Christmas cards
  • We reused bags from previous Christmas's for gifts
  • We bought people Green America gift memberships
  • I exhibited at the first Cardiff Green Expo
  • I started working with the Kalia Modern Eco-Living Group
  • I got my EcoBroker certification
  • I switched from the Libertarian party to the Green party

As I mentioned in my article … it makes you feel good when you write it out so if you have not already made a list of your accomplishments for 2008, take a moment and do it now!

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