Looking ahead by looking back

So the holidays have not even passed but they are upon us. What comes after is a celebration for beginning of the New Year and for some, the symbolic "turning of the page".

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Many of us make New Year's resolutions. I hope that many of you are making some in regards to how best you can give back to our global community. I know for myself, next year I seek to further peace and preservation of the planet . I think in order to fully manifest resolutions for the New Year though we should first acknowledge and give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have done this year. Sometimes we don't realize the impact that we have had on even our own lives. I recommend writing a list out of all the initiatives you sought out to accomplish and did. Think hard and write down even the smallest of things as small in the aggregate adds up to something much larger.

Take a moment to fully appreciate your efforts. A confidence will build inside of you and should empower you to change any feelings of not accomplishing tasks this past year into an energy that will allow you to do so in the next. Check out my list of things I've done in my Thoughts by Janine. I will also have posted a list of observations of what I have seen in the world this past year also in my Thoughts by Janine. To feel really inspired, write a list out of the accomplishments our local and global communities have achieved this year.

Many people make resolutions for better health for the New Year. As I have expressed in a previous article, we have to start with us. Health of the planet will start with the health of ourselves. How can we focus on anyone or anything else if we cannot focus on ourselves first?

Health to me is not just going to a gym. Health is holistic; it's mind, body, and spirit. Mind and body can be connected if you find a physical activity that can satisfy both. Since you are on this site, perhaps make it a point to get part of your exercise from going outdoors and either establishing or solidifying your connection to Nature. You can walk, run, hike, or perhaps do free yoga with Fire Groove in Runyon Canyon. Health also incorporates taking care of ourselves from what we are putting on, and in our bodies.

Switch to all organic products. Our skin is our largest organ and our bodies absorb what we put on it so stop exposing yourself to chemicals which can accumulate in our body and turn into who knows what. Switching to organic in general even with the food that we eat is preventative medicine (as is the working out). For food …check out Green Girl Guru Kitchen Goddess Pace for ideas. Perhaps you can make a commitment eating more vegetarian, vegan, or macrobiotic. Have fun with this idea by checking out new restaurants you can find by doing an online search in your city of residence, or for us Angelenos just check out the online Greenopia guide.

If you need medical assistance or advice, switch your primary care physician to a Naturopath. Lotus East-West is a quaint, good-vibe green medical facility in Santa Monica with great staff that will help you stay healthy offering a variety of natural methods.

You might also want to replenish your body while replenishing the rain forest with organic supplements from the Amazon by the Amazon Herb Company. The company donates their profits to preserving the Amazon as well as co-creating sustainable projects with the Amazonians.

For helping the health of the planet check out my Becoming Green from the inside Out articles.

Congratulations on a job well done this year and good luck and go green in the next!

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