Look Beyond the Now

We are currently living through fascinating times…. beneath all this darkness and chaos.

Our global population and our technologies have reached unprecedented levels, we consume more resources than global ecosystems can regenerate, and we have nowhere else to go.

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Our solution is a deep culture change – a change in technology, behavior and world view. [more]

We are the solutions in all these areas. It is up to us to decide how to use the knowledge we have.

We have created a culture of alienation. We perceive ourselves as separate from the larger and smaller ecosystems (the Earth and our bodies), and when we act out of this view – which is not aligned with reality – we experience uncomfortable consequences.

Harmony, within our place in this world, is our natural and innate way of being. Reconnecting with this sense – is our progression.

Biodiversity, conservation, and the traditions and customs of the past are being found again. We are no longer part of the great forgetting or a disposal society.

We are creating activities that deepen our awareness and intimacy with the rest of the natural world.

There is a Tewa saying … To look to the mountain

Contributed by Nancy of Astrid Design Studio

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